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Just for fun and memories!

Just for fun and memories!

Just because it reminds us of a time when the world was much, MUCH wider  and life was simpler ?

It was not that many moons since “micro” technology was but a dream —– and we were the dreamers  —–

DING- DING – DING – the last 5 minutes invaders are. . . . . . . the list would be endless !

Should be in the feather at this hour, but the “machine” never stops and we work the quickened hours like a trip through the Prodigy discography – Stop at select points !

Next stop….and the final destination for tonight’s trip

We is off to get 4 hours none visual feedback  ! Thanks for yours – please share this page as we guarantee it will become increasing more random now we have microwave technology linked to our fridge freezer with on board javascript antivirus software we can promise all VistaMister frozen microwave dinners will be virus FREE…..for ALL -vote for VM at your next interstellar elections ! POWER TO THE PEOPLES of somewhere far away over the rainbow !