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Services inc Spyware Virus Removal

Spyware Virus Removal

Spyware Virus Removal with Tech support for all antispyware products!

Spyware Virus removal serviceOur technicians can help with spyware virus removal, and other security threats from your system with the help of anti-spyware products. Tools can be used to stop Spyware from infecting your system, accessing your personal information or tracking your internet usage.

Our tech experts can help you in every way possible to protect your PC from spyware attacks.

Give us the go ahead to remotely access your computer via the internet and our Certified Technicians can perform a quick scan to detect and remove spyware hidden in your system files and registry hives with the help of antispyware software.

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Diagnostic and Repair

Perhaps your PC is not performing as it once did, we can help.

Diagnose hardware, software, operating system, applications - error.Expert computer diagnostic and repair for your PC, connected devices and/or software applications.

Our tech experts will resolve conflicts and compatibility issues with software application or hardware running on your computer. We will diagnose and troubleshoot both software and hardware errors on your PC alongside customising applications for your needs. We will also ensure that your Operating System, software and drivers are up-to date.

Give us the go ahead to remotely access your computer via the internet and our Certified Technicians will perform expert diagnostic and repair to fix your problems.

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PC Optimization

We offer PC Optimisation Services.

PC performance - PC optimisation

Over time your PC hardware and operating system require a service – like any other machine or appliance they wear out – life expectancy can be extended as well as performance improved by some straight forward PC tuning.

This is done by optimising your hardware settings, operating system and software applications.
We may also make recommendations for hardware upgrades to increase your PC performance.

Give us the go ahead to remotely access your computer via the internet (or call us out onsite) and our Certified Technicians will have your PC performing like it should.

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Setup and Install

We can assist with installation, setup and configuration of new or old hardware and software!

VistaMister can help setup - install - configure - computer hardware - computer softwareAs part of our computer set-up service we unpack, check, set-up your new computer, connect a printer,  scanner, or other devices, set-up Windows and your internet connection and make sure it is secure. We can install and configure any software or email accounts you may have and offer installation of Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware programs as part of our service. If your computer is already setup and connected to the internet but you are struggling with adding a device or some software we can provide remote access service via the internet without the need for an on-site call. Give us a call – we offer competitive rates, a friendly professional approach to our work and get the job done right first time.

Give us the go ahead to remotely access your computer via the internet and our Certified Technicians

PC support for setup and installation fill in the support form or call 07988513338 / 01226698501

Onsite Support

If your business or home is local, give us a call – we are more than happy to undertake onsite visits.

VistaMister - PC Problems - PC repair - optimistation - hardware - software - operating system - spyware - virus removal.Our hardware and software Technical support service is available to you in business or home premises.

Vista Mister covers the South Yorkshire region, including Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Worksop and surrounding areas – offering affordable and sensible solutions to your PC problems.
Visiting you at home or at work and at a time to suit you! Our technicians will resolve your problems with a smile, a professional attitude and in double quick time. Our certified technicians can resolve many common issues with you in no time.

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What problems can you help with ?

  • Computer crashes
  • Computer slowing down
  • Data backup
  • Data recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Emergency recovery
  • General computer support
  • General maintenance
  • Hard drive recovery
  • Hardware installation issues
  • Individual home computer tuition
  • Internet connection sharing
  • Software upgrades
  • System restoration
  • Software installation issues
  • Security awareness
  • Suspected spyware and viruses
  • Wired network support
  • Wireless network support
  • Broadband set-up Cable/BT/3G connections
  • Installation of wired and wireless networks, PCs, printers and other network devices
  • Software and hardware repairs
  • Operating System Recovery
  • Resolving of network and internet connectivity issues
  • Virus/Spyware removal
  • Computer health checks – cleaning of hardware and prolonging hardware lifetime
  • PC set-up – given required hardware and licensing
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Installation and configuration of Network Access Storage, as data storage demands grow so does the need for a central store point, at the home or in the office
  • Set-up of games consoles Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo family, Apple devices and VoIP software/hardware, web based CCTV systems, LED TVs that share on the network and receive programming from the web
  • The list goes on as technology advances we like to keep up-to date with the latest developments and pass this knowledge on to our clients OR just save them hours struggling to set up their latest gadget!

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